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How to get a release

Download the program zip file here.

For convenience, we have already compiled the system for you. It is possible to compile the system under both windows and in the csil labs, however sometimes certain versions of javac will die with a compiler error.

Open Forte or Sun One Studio.
Mount Local file system -> the directory where you unzipped it.
Mount Archive/JAR -> kunstoff.jar
Hit F11 - Compile All.

For a quick explanation of what each file does, check the README.txt in CVS or via the link.

Running under Windows: Run RandyLoops\randyloops.bat from the directory you unzipped to.

Running under other systems: copy the commands from RandyLoops\randyloops.bat. run them at the command line, if you get a 'Package Not Found ' error, change the ';' to a ':' and try again.

Known Problems: If you generate a few midis (usually about 12), RandyLoops will stop playing sounds. We think the cause has to do with the use of threads, and the current plan is to refactor the generator which will remove this problem. Also, the load/save style option does not work.
If you have other problems, feel free to contact any of the developers or post a message on our sourceforge bug tracker, and we will be more than happy to assist you.