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05.06.2003, 3.00PM
The documentation for the final project review for CS329 is located here. Note that sourceforge has been having problems with their CVS servers, so not everything is as up to date as we would like due to techincal problems beyond our control, and at the worst time of the semester.

04.11.2003, 7.25PM
We haven't been keeping regular meeting notes this semester because we have regular coding sessions, which would have meeting notes like "we coded". To show that we've actually been working (besides checking out the cvs log), there's an update that tells a little bit of what's going on in the life of RandyLoops.

2.03.2003, 5.33PM
Notes for today's meeting posted.
Group Members page updated - RandyLoops welcomes Jerome Kim to the team!

1.09.2003, 3.22PM
Here is a sequence diagram illustrating the order in which objects are created within the current RandyLoops build. The diagram also depicts how Observer components are registered onto the Observable "RandyPlayer" (see "Observer" DP).

P.S. The above diagram is based off a slightly refactored version of the build below - so there may be some minute descrepencies between it and the class diagram.
1.06.2003, 4.40AM
Woohoo. New RandyLoops GUI. Check it out in the Working GUI Screenshots section. This revised build is primarily the result of refactoring all the code which had been produced by the end of our 2nd iteration. The current build nearly implements our first two use cases (allows "Play/Stop/Pause MIDI File" & "Load MIDI File"). The associated UML class diagram for the build can be found here.

Refactored Classes:
GUI class -> RandyLoopsGUI class
Output class -> RandyPlayer class
Loop class -> (To be integrated with build in Iteration 3)

Upon our return to school, the RandyLoops team will resume working toward completion of Iteration 3.

Big thumbs-up to INCORS Gmbh for their kick-booty Kunststoff Look-and-Feel.


11.14.2002, 2.04PM
Our next meeting is TUESDAY, 11/18 at 12.30PM in L410 DCL. We are going to start coding at this time, so please be there on time.
By Monday everything should be online, so everyone should read the documentation so we make sure everyone is on the same page.

10.29.2002, 10.26AM
Well, everything has been moved over to Sourceforge.net. This is the new official home of RandyLoops! If you haven't created a sourceforge.net account yet, you need to do that ASAP and email Pat your user name so you can be added to the project.

10.22.2002, 5PM
Welcome to the new home of RandyLoops! Hopefully we'll get official approval from the TA soon, and we can move all the info from the wiki to sourceforge. In the mean time, everyone should create a sourceforge account, add themseleves to this project and make sure they can access everything ok. Email Pat if you have any problems. Here is a quick Sample GUI. I expect the real GUI to be a lot better than this.