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10/29/02 Meeting Notes

At this meeting we began to create a class diagram, we decided to modify what we had created at our last meeting to encapsulate the playback class into the GUI Class. The Playback class wouldnt make a good implementation as it is too closely coupled with the GUI class, and it makes more sense for the two classes to be merged. So in review we have the GUI class which contains all the components that the user can modify. It will respond to the users mouse clicks, and pass on data to the Loop Class. The Loop class will contain all the data for the loop and methods to process them. It will contain algorithms to add the randomness to the loop. The Loop class may eventually support multiple instantiations of the objecs, such as a loop object for drums, one for piano, and another for guitar for example. The Loop object will then pass its data to the Midi Object which will generate the data in midi form. It serves as a wrapper for the javax.sound.midi package. For our initial brainstorm diagram (without method names and attributes) please see the documentation page [Initial Object Diagram]

Also we have decided to fully document how we follow the XP process, even though we have not begun coding yet we have already split into pairs for the programing, which is listed in the Group Members section. Since there are only three initial classes we couldnt divide up totally even, there are two people working on the playback function, but one will work mostly on playback from the GUI, and the other on the playback in the Loop class, but will still meet together as both tasks are closely coupled. Also Box test cases should be added soon which will be an extension of the user stories.