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11/19/02 Meeting Notes

Work was done on the sourceforge account getting CVS set-up to support our source files.

At this meeting the GUI group also met and reviewed some swing documentation, and also drafted a working class diagram and also a diagram showing the GUI use cases which are currently in the implementation phase.

The next meeting will be held on tuesday December 3rd at 12:30pm in L410 DCL. We are getting close to our semester deadline here so i hope to see plenty of written code, meet with your pairs! -phil

GUI Meeting Notes - 11.19.02

Everyone in attendance.

-- Confirmed Use Cases to implement in GUI (see pic)

-- Sketched initial class diagram for use cases (see pic)

** Need to finalize class diagram after reviewing Swing Documentation
** Operations/attributes may need to be added/removed.

** Hand-in to Project Manager ASAP

-- NEXT MEETING: Barbara only, Sunday sometime after 12pm. Mai is leaving for Thanksgiving vacation.