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12/10/02 Meeting Notes

The first thing we decided is to have our review with Srinath on Sunday, 12/15 at 1pm.

Today Matt and Pat managed to get the Output class to actually play a midi file. They also created a little gui to do that, but the good parts (the output slider and the working code) will be integrated into the GUI class by Thursday. We also need to refactor the Midi class diagram, not only because we changed to name from Midi to Output, but some design changes were needed due to the way java works. Dave and Mike started work on the Loop class, and it looks like the Loop class will do _something_ by thursday.

We also wrote documentation on how we work within the XP process, for grading purposes. Along the lines of documentation, everyone in the group was hard at work making sure our documentation is complete and up to snuff. We will spend a chunk of time at our next meeting making sure everything is ready and prepared according to the grading criteria.

Our next meeting is Thursday, 12/12 in DCL, where we will attempt to assemble everything into one working package.