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12/12/02 Meeting Notes

Today we tried to get all of our stuff ready for our meeting with Srinath on Sunday at 1pm. We'll probably meet in the labs at DCL.

We managed to get some code refactoring done on RandyLoops.java, making the code simpler and shorter. That way we can include the functionality from PlayerView.java. This was something that we thought would be really easy to do, however, nothing is as easy as it seems.

Work was done on Loop.java, however it proving to be *very* difficult. A lot of time was spent seeing what other people had done and how they did it. We feel that we are a lot closer to having something working in the Loop class, but it doesn't look like there will be enough time left in the semester to get it working, especially given the higher-than-expected difficulty of integrating the Output class to the GUI.

We also re-wrote much of our documentation, to reflect what had changed since our initial planning sessions and to show what works differently in real life than we thought.