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12/3/02 Meeting Notes

Today barb presented us with some working GUI code with buttons to support Play, Stop, and Pause. Also created were a menu for file opening. This is the basic functionality that the program will currently support. Also we decided on threading the output object, the output object (formerly known as MIDI, because having a MIDI class working with MIDI objects on MIDI files is _really_ confusing) will be threaded and control the opening of the file, playing, stopping, and pausing the file. The GUI Class will interface with a new CommandQueue class, which will serve as an interface for the real-time commands that the user passes into the GUI. The Output object will interface with this new CommandQueue class.

Work has been divided up for the remainder of the semester with the goal of friday at 5pm as the absolute LAST deadline. The pairs are as follows:

Paul and Keith - creating finalized class diagram in a nice presentable diagram with the GUI, Output and CommandQueue classes represented.

Dave and Pat - creating the commandQueue - coding, this deals with the threading also.

Barb and Mai - adding to the GUI code to support the command queue...coding.

Michael and Matt - creating the Output.java code.

UPDATE: Threads in java don't work at all like we thought. The changes we wanted to make to the diagrams today are moot, and we've talked to paul and keith about the changes to the diagrams (or lack thereof). all versions of the class diagrams should be done sometime, both the one we created today that is not so good and the correct one (which would have been created before had we not wanted to do threads this way). The elements of the global class that we are keeping will show up in other parts of the code; the Undo Stack will show up in the loop class and the Command struct will show up in the GUI code. Along those same lines, the files in CVS have been updated with the work completed today. Check out the files and the logs for a quick overview.