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2/3/03 Meeting Notes

Today we had our first structured meeting of the semester. The following table summarizes the tasks we plan to complete this semester (higher priority tasks are listed first):

To Do Now
To Do Later
1. Restructure our code to use tracks
2. Define Style
3. Determine File format
4. Generate Random drum tracks
5. Save File
6. Load file
7. Integrate Random into gui
8. Display 1 track
GUI additions
Generate a good track
Generate Multiple (instruments track)
Fix GUI styles (aqua, win, x
Custom Styles
Export a Midi

Pat delegated Task 1 to Mike and Keith, and Task 2 to Jerome and Matt. Dave will be assisting both groups. Task 3 will be completed by Paul.

A key question that came up during our discussion pertained to Task 2, "Define Style". Dave approached the group with the question "What characteristics (input data/variables) defined a particular "style" of randomization?". The following list summarizes the brainstorm list made as a result of the discussion:

Style Characteristics

What notes/drums are likely to appear on which beats
“ stress” levels for beats
“ frequency” levels for notes/drums
(include common node sequences)