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RandyLoops is sophisticated music software, which is written in Java programming language. This software will create short snippets of music, which are outputted via the MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) standard. MIDI is the standard for modern computer music, and RandyLoops will completely support the MIDI interface.

RandyLoops will have several different features, which will enable everyone from a novice user with no music background, all the way to an international techno DJ to create interesting and unique music that is special to them. At the very heart of the program, and which makes RandyLoops unique from other loop creation software on the market is the element of randomness that the user can choose to inject into his beats. First of all, RandyLoops will feature a dozen pre-programmed beats ranging in style from rock, hip-hop, funk and soul. The user can either begin with one of these pre-programmed beats, or choose to start from scratch. At the heart of the Java GUI interface will be a display that displays each MIDI event, so the user can visualize his creation. There will be a toolbar that is used to manipulate this graphical display, so the user can add or delete any beats that they wish. Also there will be a series of scrollbars underneath the note display that will affect the music in real-time. The user of RandyLoops will be able to change the tempo, meter, master volume, real-time effects, sound density, and randomness. The feature to really note is the randomness scrollbar, which combined with the sound density scroll bar will inject a certain level of randomness to the program. After this is done, the user can decide to accept or reject this randomly generated events by using the Java GUI.

Once the musician has created a loop that they like, they can save the loop as a standard MIDI file (.mid) that can be played in any popular music sequencer. Also they can open their files later for further editing in RandyLoops. If implementation allows RandyLoops will support linking of loops, so that the musician could create more dynamic and lengthier loops and songs.

RandyLoops is a dynamic Java program, which will interface with the javax.sound.midi library to fully support the MIDI interface. The GUI will be well designed and very intuitive, allowing a user to create a loop in less than five minutes. The feature that makes RandyLoops unique is the fact that the user can inject any level of randomness to their beats, allowing for unique and avant-garde experimentation in modern music.