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Risk Assessment

Technical Risks



Built-in Java packages for MIDI sequencing may be inadequate for our purposes. Explore combining Java and Microsoft DirectX API's to provide desired functionality.
Use of DirectX API requires end-users to have DirectX-compatible systems. As most computer users run the Microsoft Windows (R) operating systems, it is highly likely that the majority of our target market will be able to support our product. Alternatively, since the Java API also has its own support for MIDI sequencing/output, we may be able to offer a "secondary" API to users who cannot support DirectX.


Business Risks



Established market offerings providing similar (but not exact) features of our software make pricing and distribution difficult. Obtain open-source license and distribute via online depositories such as SourceForge.net.
 " " Obtain intellectual property/patent for software and sell competitors software or form strategic partnership to distribute combined product offering.
Company in similar market releases product with exact same offerings as our project. Dissolve project.


Project Risks



Team members' schedule conflicts do not allow them to meet on predetermined meeting days. Conflicts known in advance should be communicated via email at least ONE (1) DAY before the assigned meeting date.
Interpersonal conflicts between team members degrade team productivity and efficiency.  Causes of conflicts should be discussed and a compromise reached between involved parties in a professional manner as soon as  possible.
Insufficient data from customer focus groups lead to vague software specifications. Perform market analysis of current similar product offerings and estimate specifications from findings.
Team members are unable to estimate duration of particular stories. Review components similar to stories within MIDI-related project database on SourceForge.net to obtain better understanding of the necessary work involved.
Team members lack extensive practical coding experience with Java programming language. To facilitate transition from design to implementation (coding) phase of the project, Java.sun.com has an excellent reference section providing extensive information about all of the packages of the Java API, including contained classes, functions, and examples of use.  Also, Paul Tongyoo owns the entire "O'Reilly Java in a Nutshell" series which includes tutorials and code examples for all of the popular Java packages.